Friday, 25 March 2011

Importantance of Locomotion and Support

To search for food

To provide protection by escaping from enemies or avoiding danger

To search for a more conducive living environment

To avoid overcrowding which enables the offsprings to move to another place

Importance of transpiration include:

Maintain the osmotic concentration in the plant. If the osmotic concentration is higher or lower than the normal levels, the physiological process of the plants will be disrupted.

Help to cool down the plant surface during evaporation. Evaporation dormant heat is absorbed from the plant cells or the environment.

Produce suction force to help in the intake and absorption of water and mineral salts from the roots to the leaves via the xylem vessels.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Role of Lymphatic System

to collect and return interstitial fluid, including plasma protein to the blood,  and thus help maintain fluid balance,

to defend the body against disease by producing lymphocytes,

to absorb lipids from the intestine and transport them to the blood.

The lymphatic system and the lymph capillaries helps in getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells by removing dead cells, poisons, toxins, and excess water from the tissue spaces around the cells