Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blockage in blood vessel

Thrombosis - Deposit of cholesterol inside lumen of blood vessel which clogs the blood vessel
Embolism - Movement of cholesterol inside blood vessel which clogs the blood vessel and leads to thrombosis
Arteriosclerosis - Deposit of fat/cholesterol inside the lumen of a blood vessel which cause narrowing of the lumen and leads to clogging

Effect to the individual with blockage
- Chest Pain
- Stroke
- Heart attack.

Preservation of fish and vegetables


Fish is covered by salt solution which is hypertonic to the fish tissues
More water diffuses out from the tissues into the salt solution
The fish becames dehydrated
This prevent bacterial growth in the fish tissues
The bacteria cell are also plasmoysed
This prevent decay

Vegetables are immersed in vinegar which is acidic
Vinegar diffuses into vegetables
Vegetables becames acidic
lower pH prevent bacterial growth
this prevent decay

Similarities between facilated transport and active transport

Both methods of transportation need carrier protein in the cell membrane to bind with the molecules
Both transport specific molecules only because the carrier proteins have specific site to certain molecules
Both processes occur in living cells because carrier protiens can change shape to allow substances to move across.

Friday, 4 May 2012


What happen when you eat to much oranges?

Chapter 11 SPM Paper Year Paper

2005 – Muscles, Tendon, Fish, Human and Earthworm
 2007 - vertebrae axial skeleton , lumbar and cervical, thoraic
2009 – Support in Plant 2010 – Bending of arm, Osteoarthritis, Warming Up
 2011 – Tendon, Ligament,Muscle Cramp, Healthy Musculoskeletal system  
2012 – Walking , Support in Plant, Bird Flying