Sunday, 30 January 2011

Soalan SPM Chapter 2

1 a) Diagram below shows the structure of a unicellular organism which lives in a freshwater pond.

Explain the function of X in osmoregulation

2) 2005

Figure shows the organelles involved during the synthesis and secretion of an enzyme in an animal cell

a) Name the organelles labelled P and R
b)i) State the function of organelle S

b) ii) Explain the role of organelle Q in the synthesis of the enzyme

Diagram 1 shows a plant cell as seen under a electron microscope

a) i) On diagram 1 label the structures P, Q, R and S [4m]

ii) State the function of structure R and Q [2m]

b) Explain the role of R to maintain cell turgidity [2m]

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