Saturday, 9 March 2013

Movement in Human

Pl- Tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles and joints are important features in a movement,
P2- Tendons connect muscles to bones
P3- Tendons are strong and non elastic
P4- Force is transferred to bones through tendons.
P5- Movement at the joint is possible with the aid of ligaments.
P6- Ligaments connect two bones together
P7-to give support and strength to the joint.
P8- Ligaments are strong and elastic.
P9- The quadriceps / extensor muscles contract while the biceps femoris muscles relax and the leg is straightened.
P10- The biceps femoris muscles contract while the quadriceps / extensor muscles relax and the leg is bent.
P11- Calf muscles contract to lift up the heels.
P12-Feet push downward and backward
P13-Repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles result in the running movement.

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